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The Ready to go website is sunderland's largest unofficial fan forums and message boards. Joined with the fanzine A Love Supreme. The boards are sponsored by Morpeth Mobiles. As of July 2009, the website ranks in the top 100,000 websites in the world in terms of traffic.

The SMB forumEdit

The SMB forum (Sunderland messages boards) is the most visited, most active and well known part of this website, being the largest and oldest sunderland forum on the internet, mostly coming under the board "Pure Football". In recent years though the SMB has built a somewhat "negative" reputation around itself, becoming a place where many users are prone to being wound up, given uneeded abuse, or generally ending up in pointless arguments. It has also a devoured reputation for members claiming to have "insider" sources in the club, with them constantly making up and claiming transfer and rumors stories about players; rarely any of them ever materialising or being proven as true.

Forum InfluenceEdit

In many ways the forum acts as a "spearhead" in protecting, enforcing and spreading Sunderland influences and associations throughout the internet when it is suited, sometimes creating a large group mentality. For example hundreds and hundreds of sunderland fans from the forum will often team up to hijack an online poll or vote related to sunderland, so it will be swayed to their advantage. All this takes is someone to start a thread requesting people to do so, albeit that it interests people.

Well known examples of this kind activity, was the successful hijacking of an official newcastle united poll asking "Who will be newcastle's goal hero V villa?", which had not been taken down the day after the game. Meaning the fans quickly took advantage of this and voted Damien Duff as the hero, the player who's own goal resulted in them being relegated. Another example was the SMB hijacking of the official NUFC Player of the season poll with all the sunderland fans voting Geremi, one of their poorer players in 2008/2009; though the web staff stepped in and prevented the humiliation from happening in the end.

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